Fundamental Rights

Declaration of the Fundamental Rights of citizens of the Sovereign State of Good Hope


Oath of Allegiance

Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign State of Good Hope


Family Tree

Gaob (HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: KING) Khoebaha Calvin Denver John Cornelius III FAMILY TREE


The World Academy of Art and Science

Confirmation from Professor Winston Nagan of the World Academy of Art and Science of the correct liniage of Gaob Cornelius


Khoisan Crest

The meaning of the crest of the royal house of the Khoisan nation


South Africa Synopsis

A short synopsis of the history of the First Nation Indigenous People of South Africa.



A history and background of Khoi dispossession in Southern Africa

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Download Part 4

Acts and Laws

Acts and articles on their effects on the native people of South Africa

Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 - Download

The 1909 Union of South Africa Act - Download

Article from the Black Sash on the 1913 Natives Land Act - Download

Article from the Advocate on the 1913 Natives Land act and it's Legacy - Download

Traditional and KhoiSan Leadership Bill - Download

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indiginous Peoples

The complete declaration made by the United Nations in 2007 on the treatment and rights of first peoples, such as the KhoiSan.


Declaration Of Secession

The declaration made by Gaob Cornelius on 24 September 2017


News Reply

The Royal House of The Khoisan's response to the article published in the City Press on the 27th of November 2016 (original article).